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Norvaline is an analog of the BCAA Valine. It is soluble in water and formed through Leucine synthesis. L-Norvaline is able to block Arginase, which leaves the competing enzyme Arginine to go on and create nitric oxide unimpeded. This nitric oxide is then able to dilate blood vessels, allowing for unimpeded oxygen flow throughout the body especially during intense exercise..

L-Norvaline is credited as being an inhibitor that keeps Arginine functioning. Arginine helps to strengthen the immune system and also increases T-cell production. It helps to neutralize ammonia, removing toxins from the liver.* It also assists in the product of urea, which expels ammonia from the body.

Arginine can be found in high concentrations in the skin. Muscles and connective tissues are also supported by the presence of Arginine in the blood. Creatine and nitrogen supplements are generally taken by body builders and exercise enthusiasts because of their ability to create energy and enhance muscle mass, respectively. However, the strength and effectiveness of these supplements is determined by Arginine because without this enzyme it would be impossible for the body to process these other elements making Arginine just as important for exercise as either of the other two.

This supplement should be taken in servings of 400mg once per day, or as directed by a physician.

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