Zinc L-Aspartate Powder

Zinc L-Aspartate Powder


In this compound, Aspartic Acid is combined with Zinc in order to facilitate greater bioavailability for Zinc. The two portions of the overall compound Zinc L-Aspartate are both found in the body naturally can cause the systems of the body to be severely disrupted if not maintained in decent amounts. Zinc L-Aspartate can act as a supplement for both of these.

Aspartic acid is important in the process of transferring minerals directly to cells to be used by them during reactions. It is also useful in producing electrolytes and energy for the body while even reducing oxygen use, making for extended periods of intense exercise.

Zinc is useful for a variety of reasons. It is able to keep the immune system healthy, along with the digestive and reproductive systems. It also carries out many other important tasks such as cell reproduction, balancing of hormones, and absorbing vitamins and minerals correctly, not to mention the synthesis of proteins, making this a very important mineral.

Zinc supplements are traditionally used as a treatment for Zinc deficiency and also to keep subjects on a path towards normal growth if there are any hormone imbalances preventing someone from developing properly. Those that have below average levels of Zinc will have negative symptoms such as poor night vision, slower healing after sustaining wounds, a reduction in the senses of both smell and taste, and a lack of development in the reproductive organs (if the person is younger or still developing). Reduction of Zinc levels in children can stunt growth, cause greater receptiveness to infection and disease. There are around 800,000 deaths per year reported where zinc deficiency was either a direct or indirect cause.

In fact, Zinc deficiency is credited with being the fifth highest risk factor id disease development. This is how important Zinc is to the immune system. Some countries have an at risk population of over 70% and even estimates on the lower end report that a quarter of the entire world’s population may be at risk of developing Zinc deficiency.

Zinc itself is an antioxidant and can protect healthy cells in the body from sustaining damage due to free radicals. Zinc is also an important component in many different enzymatic reactions which contribute to the regularity of the body’s development. Operations such as protein synthesis, metabolism of energy, and hormone levels (which in themselves can contribute to a great deal of important bodily growth) are all facilitated by zinc. Specifically, collagen, and vitamin A are both dependent upon zinc for their metabolism. Zinc also affects the ability to taste and smell, the appetite, and the levels of vitamin E found in the blood. Zinc is commonly used to protect the skin, and as an antiseptic.

The aspartic acid component of this supplement is particularly useful when combined with zinc because it allows for higher bioavailability and for its gentleness on the gastrointestinal tract making it a preferable form of zinc to take for those with weak stomachs.

Like Zinc oxide, zinc aspartate can be found in many different topical creams because it too is useful in maintaining healthy skin.

Serving Size & Timing
It is suggested that this supplement be taken in servings between 80 and 160mg, but should not be taken in excess of 200mg. The FDA recommended daily value for elemental zinc is 15mg. Since this supplement is made up of 30% Zinc, a serving size of 80mg of this supplement will provide 24mg of actual elemental Zinc. This supplement should be taken along with Magnesium, Copper, Vitamin B and Vitamin C to ensure the best health possible.

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