Potassium Citrate Crystalized Powder

Potassium Citrate Crystalized Powder


It is common to consume anywhere from 2.5 to 5.8 grams of Potassium per day in a typical diet. In general, the amount of Potassium available in supplements is scaled down, since taking too much at once (especially when taken in capsule form) may cause stomach problems. A standard capsule of Potassium supplement will usually have about 100mg of Potassium, whereas a single banana will have about 500mg. Potassium is extremely important to the body and for those that do not consume enough per day.

This mineral also works like an electrolyte; it is able to carry nutrients into cells and eliminate waste upon exit. Electrolytes have this capability because they are able to dissolve in water, allowing them to seamlessly pass through cell membranes and back out again once they have deposited what needs to be deposited. Potassium uses this power as an electrolyte to work throughout the muscular system as well, carrying messages from the heart and brain to the muscles and vice versa. This way, normal bodily rhythm can be maintained and so that muscles will contract naturally.

Having low levels of Potassium causes what is called Hypokalemia. This can be caused by many things, including bodily purges (whether natural or forced, including diarrhea, vomiting, or excessive urination), and is relatively common among people that are anorexic or bulimic. Any sort of condition which may cause more Potassium to leave the body than to come into it can lead to Hypokalemia and should be avoided, as symptoms range from simple abdominal pains to intestinal paralysis and muscle weakness.

Serving Size & Timing
This supplement should be taken in servings of exactly 275mg per day; no more, no less. Too much Potassium has the potential to be fatal, so it is always best to measure out amounts of this supplement on an accurate milligram scale. Do not attempt to use anything other than a milligram scale. This supplement should be stirred into a full glass of water and consumed that way.

The FDA recommends taking no more than 100mg elemental Potassium per day. Since this supplement is made up of 36% elemental Potassium, this means that a single serving of 275mg is equal to 99mg, which comes within the recommended daily dosage. If you have any lingering concerns about taking this supplement or your eligibility to take this supplement, it is best to discuss them with a doctor first, as individual needs for Potassium vary greatly.

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