B-LONG (Sustained Release B Complex plus Antioxidants) 120 Tabs

B-LONG (Sustained Release B Complex plus Antioxidants) 120 Tabs


Montiff’s B-Long is a sustained release tablet that provides the cells with the nutrients needed for maximum Krebs’ cycle activity over 4 to 6 hours. Antioxidants are included in this unique formula for protection against free radical damage.

A sustained release B Complex formula in a specially coated tablet with the active forms
of B-2 and B-6, folic acid plus beneficial antioxidants.
Each sustained relief tablet contains: Magnesium Oxide 30 mg., Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin HCL) 20 mg., Vitamin B-2
(Riboflavin) 20 mg., Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 20 mg., Vitamin B-12 100 mcg., Pantothenic Acid 100 mg.,
Taurine 10 mg., Niacinamide 60 mg., Folic Acid 400 mcg., Biotin 300 mcg., Choline Bitartrate 60 mg., Para-Amino
Benzoic Acid 40 mg., Inositol 40 mg., Riboflavin 5’ Phosphate 5mg., Pyridoxal 5’ Phosphate 5 mg., Alpha Lipoic
Acid 10 mg., Pine Bark Extract 10 mg., Ginkgo Biloba 10 mg., Grape Seed extract 10 mg., Lycopene 1 mg., Zinc
Gluconate 3 mg., Bilberry extract 10 mg.

• Releasing B-Vitamins during an extended period to provide the cells with the nutrients needed for maximum
Krebs’ cycle activity.
• Providing a B Complex with all the B-Vitamins, including the active forms of B-2 and B-6.
• Sufficient amounts of folic acid, along with B-6 and B-12, to help prevent and reduce homocysteine levels,
which are associated with heart attacks and strokes.
• Helping to metabolize amino acids, carbohydrates and lipid synthesis.
• Maintaining proper neurotransmitter function and a healthy nervous system.
• Helping to combat stress.
• Providing antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage.
B-LONG has a full spectrum of the highest quality B-Vitamins with active forms of B-2 and B-6, in a sustained
release tablet to provide a longer delivery system. ANTIOXIDANTS are included in this unique complex for extra
protection against “free radical” damage. Sufficient amounts of folic acid, B-6, and B-12 are included for prevention
and reduction of harmful homocysteine levels.
• Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin) is necessary for proper function of the nervous system, and muscles, including the heart
muscle. It is involved in glucose metabolism and is essential for energy production.
• Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) is important for healthy skin, mucous membranes and energy metabolism.
• Vitamin B-3 (Niacin or Niacinamide) works in the glycogen energy cycle, oxidating fatty acids for energy.
• Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine and the active Pyridoxal 5’Phosphate) is essential for amino acid metabolism,
hemoglobin formation, and a healthy nervous system.
• Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) is essential for all cells, including red and white blood cells, as well as a healthy
nervous system. It is also essential to help prevent harmful homocysteine levels.
• Folic Acid is important for healthy cell production, including red and white blood cells, and it helps prevent and
reduce harmful homocysteine levels, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. There is also growing
evidence of its anticarcinogenic properties, especially against lung, colon & cervical cancers. It also helps
prevent birth defects.
• Pantethine or Pantothenic Acid (B-5) has multiple roles in energy metabolism, is a coenzyme, and is important
for proper neurotransmitter health. It is also known as the “stress vitamin”.
• Biotin is important for gluconeogenesis and fatty acid synthesis, and is essential for healthy hair, skin and
muscle tissue.

• Choline Bitarate is important for nerve transmission to the brain and a healthy nervous system, as well as
regulation of the gallbladder and proper liver function.
• Inositol, a lipotropic, works with choline and biotin to control hypertension and arteriosclerosis, as well as
metabolizing fatty acids, lowering cholesterol and controlling fatty deposits on the liver.
• Niacinamide is a vasodilator with an affect on cholesterol, hormones and growth.
• Para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) a component of folic acid, is an antioxidant, and helps maintain healthy flora
balance of the intestine.
B-Vitamins are essential for amino acid metabolism, and healthy brain, cell, and nerve function. There is no storage
capacity for B-Vitamins, and excessive amounts, which are not immediately utilized, are excreted. Therefore, it is
best to provide these nutrients in small amounts over an extended time. The sustained release tablet provides a
longer acting delivery system to insure proper function of the Krebs’ cycle, and provide the necessary biochemistry
for healthy cell activity.
Homocycteine naturally occurs from protein metabolism. B-6, B-12 and folic acid are necessary to prevent
excessive buildup of these levels, which can cause atherosclerosis. High levels of Homocysteine can damage the
endothelium lining exposing the underlying layers of blood vessels forming clots, which can lead to heart attacks
and strokes. This has been noted in many medical studies in journals, including New England Medical Journal,
JAMA and Lancet.
Antioxidants are molecules that help attack “free radicals”, which can damage healthy cells and lead to aging and
degenerative diseases. They are anticarcinogenic, important for cardio-vascular health, and have many other
beneficial properties. The antioxidants included for increased protection in this unique B-LONG SUSTAINED
RELEASE complex are:
• ALPHA LIPOIC ACID is a powerful antioxidant that helps destroys more “free radicals” than any other
antioxidant, and enhances the effects of other antioxidants.
• BILBERRY EXTRACT has powerful anti-aging properties.
• LYCOPENE (found in tomatoes) has high antioxidant properties, and is especially important for prostate health.
• GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT has free radical scavenging properties, and platelet activating factor,
contributing to protection of vascular endothelia. It also helps protect brain functions associated with memory
and may prevent hypoxic damage and other changes in neurotransmitter functions caused by aging.
• PINE BARK (a flavonoid) EXTRACT helps prevent nitric oxide deficiencies, and has anti-inflammatory
properties. It also potentiates other antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Glutathione.
• GRAPE SEED EXTRACT is high in flavonoids and free radical scavenging activity. It inhibits stomach mucosal
injury, and may help prevent gastric ulcers and intestinal adenomas, as well as increasing glutathione levels. It is
anticarcinogenic and helps prevent cataracts.
• ZINC is a mineral that is a free radical terminator, is important for prostate health, and is involved in numerous
biological actions.
• TAURINE, (an amino acid) helps combat “free radicals” found in smog, and potentiates the action of Vitamin E.
• MAGNESIUM OXIDE is important for enzyme activity. It is also essential for calcium and potassium uptake and is
necessary for cardiovascular health.
DIRECTIONS: 1 Tablet per day, or as needed, with food. B-Long is the first choice for a B-Complex, except for
those with digestive problems that might interfere with the dissolution and absorption of this specially prepared
tablet. For those individuals, as well as for those who prefer a capsule, B-Complete is recommended.

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