Vitamin B12 1% (Cyanocobalamin) Powder

Vitamin B12 1% (Cyanocobalamin) Powder


Cyanocobalamin is another name for Vitamin B12, a compound noted for its strength. After consumption, it is stored in the liver and aids in the transfer of food into energy. The liver is not the only place that Vitamin B12 is stored, however; it can also be found in the kidneys and various other tissues. Most water-soluble nutrients and vitamins are usually quickly expelled through the urinary tract, making Vitamin B12 fairly unique.

Excluding fortified foods, the only sources of Vitamin B12 that might be considered reliable are sources from dairy or meat. Vitamin B12 is released during digestion because it is bound to proteins and must be broken down by stomach acids in order for it to be released. If someone has weak stomach acid or a reduced gastric acid output, it may be difficult to get the necessary daily value of Vitamin B12 from natural sources. This is why multivitamins and supplements exist.

This product is Kosher certified.

The main thing that Vitamin B12 is known for is being able to create new red blood cells. Vitamin B12 also helps to maintain the health of the nervous system, creating and replicating both DNA and RNA, the building blocks of cells.

Vitamin B12 directly helps the nervous system by metabolizing fatty acids in a certain way which aids in the production of Myelin. Myelin is a special coating that covers nerve endings. If the Myelin sheath coating the nerves is compromised in any way, it will lead to irreversible damage to the nervous system, especially if the lack of exposure to copious amounts of Vitamin B12 takes place over a prolonged period.

Vitamin B12 is often used as a food additive. This is especially true for foods that are rich in protein, since the Vitamin B12 is meant to bind to protein molecules. HCL in the stomach acid then breaks down the foods, allowing the Vitamin B12 to be released from the proteins and then go on to help the body use the newly digested food as energy.

The nerve cells need Vitamin B12 to function appropriately, since Vitamin B12 is responsible for producing the chemical which allows for DNA and RNA replication to take place. Like most B-chain vitamins, Vitamin B12 is known to work better when used along with other B-chain vitamins. This helps the creation and regulation of blood cells go much more smoothly. Vitamin B12 also indirectly assists the facilitation of certain enzymes that go on to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids.

Serving Size & Timing
This supplement should be taken in servings of 100mg (1/32 tsp) or 200mg (1/16 tsp) once per day. It is important to measure servings with an accurate scale.

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