The Plug Hydration Electrolyte All Natural Anti Hangover Drink

The Plug Hydration Electrolyte All Natural Anti Hangover Drink




Say Goodbye to Hangovers & Hello to The Plug 

You deserve to have fun, let loose, and go hard without having to worry about the next day. Made with 13 natural detoxifying herbs, The Plug was created to help you do what you love most without the hassle of a hangover.


The ingredients in The Plug support the break down of Alcohol to which is converted into a non-toxic result called Acetic Acid

The Plugs Hangover Recovery Process

When you drink your liver works overtime to breakdown the alcohol induced toxins causing stress on your body.

Clinical research studies conducted at one of the leading private universities in South Korea confirmed that The Plug's proprietary formula breaks down the main cause of hangovers: Ethanol.

The Plug's formula for hangover recovery

This is why, when you use The Plug before drinking, during or up to 1 hour after, you aren't feeling nauseous and hungover the next morning

Why The Plug is becoming the go-to hangover prevention drink...

The Plug stand out against the competition

Before The Plug, most existing hangover remedies focused on two things: DHM (Dihydromyricetin) and Vitamins (specifically B & C Complex).

The Plug has a unique proprietary distillation process that helps improve liver function and breaks down the Acetaldehyde in your liver. Our recovery drink helps boost metabolism and decomposition proven to remedy the negative effects after a night of drinking.

...and the stand-out product compared to traditional remedies!

The Plug's method for ultimate hangover prevention and relief
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