NEW Herbalmax Reinvigorator 13,500mg Beta NMN Supplement NAD+ GEN 4+

NEW Herbalmax Reinvigorator 13,500mg Beta NMN Supplement NAD+ GEN 4+

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Herbalmax Gen 4+
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Herbalmax Reinvigorator has been carefully formulated according to years of research on longevity and aging. The main ingredient in Reinvigorator is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). NMN is a precursor to Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), a critical coenzyme which is involved in thousands of cellular processes. Research has shown that NAD+ decreases with age and this decrease is involved in age related pathology and various diseases.
Studies have shown that NAD+ levels decrease with age. Studies in both mouse models and human subjects have demonstrated age-related decreases in circulating NAD+. NAD+ is involved in many cellular processes, including fatty acid oxidation, insulin secretion and lipid metabolism. Dysfunctions in these and other NAD+ dependent cellular functions are associated with frailty and pathophysiologies which become more common with advanced age.
Studies in mouse models have shown that supplementation with NMN can increase lifespan, decrease and age-related frailty. This is likely due to NAD+ being a coenzyme for the sirtuin family of proteins, which can activate cellular repair pathways and which have shown to be involved in increasing lifespan and healthspan.

“The observed correlation between NAD+ levels and aging adds weight to the idea that NAD+ may play a role in cell senescence and longevity”

“Maintenance of intracellular NAD+ may therefore be beneficial in counteracting at least some of the age-related cellular degenerative processes.”
Studies in Alzheimer’s model transgenic mice have shown significant improvement in symptoms with NMN treatment. Mice treated with NMN showed improved memory, cognitive function as well as a decrease in beta-amyloid plaques in brain tissue.

“The data prove that NMN treatment greatly reduces multiple Alzheimer’s-disease-associated pathological characteristics,”

“In summary, this study provides essential preclinical evidences that NMN takes effects in reversing cognitive deficits and substantially lowering the burden of amyloid plaque, neuroinflammation, cerebral amyloid-β concentrations, and loss of synapse in middle-aged ADTg mice.”
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