Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals PRO IGF-1 250 Tablets FREE SHIPPING

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals PRO IGF-1 250 Tablets FREE SHIPPING

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With over 1000% more product than competing supplements, introducing quite possibly the strongest and first bioavailable IGF-1 aid, Pro IGF-1!

As a highly anabolic muscle building peptide, pure IGF-1 normally needs to be injected but is now finally available in an orally consumable tablet thanks to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Not only does IGF-1 help to increase the size of your existing muscle mass but it also helps to increase the number of cells in your actual muscle tissue meaning it helps to increase the density and size of your muscles, in essence, taking you beyond your genetic potential.

Experience the latest in muscle building innovation today with Pro IGF-1! Get it now!


Key Benefits Pro IGF-1:

    • Helps Build Lean Muscle
    • Helps Improve Recovery
    • Helps Improve Muscle Density
    • Helps Increase Strength
    • Helps Increase Muscle Definition
    • Helps Combat Inflammation
    • Helps Improve Protein Synthesis
    • Helps Improve Fat Loss
    • Helps Improve Endurance
    • Helps Prevent Muscle Loss
    • Helps With Injury Healing
    • Helps With Nerve & Cell Repair
    • Helps Fight Aging

The Science Behind Pro IGF-1:

While you may be familiar with other IGF-1 products the one thing that all of them must battle is preserving the IGF-1 peptide as it passes through your digestive system as in most cases when the peptide is orally consumed it doesn’t make it past your digestive system. In other words, peptides like IGF-1 have an extremely low bioavailability which is why you will commonly see them in transdermal sprays, sublingual tablets, and liquids.

Since IGF-1 isolation from natural sources previously had been technically difficult, expensive, and time-consuming, recent efforts by Hi-Tech have centered on the development of IGF-1 extraction whey protein peptides, and they have successfully done it!

Hi-Tech then takes the successfully extracted peptide and then utilizes their Cyclosome Delivery system which is a fusion of the proprietary Liposomal Delivery system and Cyclodextrin Delivery system. Basically, the IGF-1 peptide is wrapped in sugar molecule and then wrapped again in a liposome essentially providing 2 layers of protection to help prevent the premature breakdown of the IGF-1 peptide.

Once in your system, IGF-1 initiates the growth of cells throughout your body helping to improve muscle mass and recovery as well as the improvement of bone density and healing of gut lining, skin, and bones.

Experience The Muscle Building Power Of Peptides With Pro IGF-1 Today! Get It Now!

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