DL-Methionine is the combined product of L-Methionine and D-Methionine. This is considered an essential amino acid and is necessary in the synthesis of S-Adenosylmethionine. It can be found in large amounts in fish, beans, eggs, Brazil nuts, lentils, garlic, yogurt, onions, various meats and other plants and seeds.

Once consumed, the body combines DL-Methionine with ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) where they goes on to produce SAMe. This is a requirement of at least 40 different biochemical reactions that are necessary towards sustaining life, and it is also indirectly present in a lot more.

The reason that the body needs Methionine is that it helps produce Cysteine and Taurine. The body also uses these sulfur compounds to help develop the hair, nails, and skin. Sulfur also aids the kidneys in getting rid of metallic toxins present in there.

Methionine is what is known as a lipotropic, which means that it helps the liver in rapidly processing fats. Chemicals also a part of the lipotropic group are Inositol, Betaine, and Choline. It also helps to support the production of Glutathione, which helps to further detoxify the liver. Methionine is also necessary in the body’s natural production of Creatine, a chemical that is used to build muscl and create new energy.

Methionine facilitates the body’s protein synthesizing functions, particularly in the case of muscle protein. Methionine also provides the body with much needed sulfur which is necessary for the body to produce energy. Methionine helps to break fats down and keeps the digestive system well supported.

DL-Methionine is suggested to be taken in serving sizes up to 1000mg (about 3/8 teaspoon) to be taken either once or twice a day, depending on intended effect. Those that are taking Methionine should be taking Choline and Inositol to balance it out.

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