Betaine HCL

Betaine HCL


Anyone that possesses a low amount of stomach acid can have frequent problems with indigestion which can cause stomach upset, and in worse cases, a failure for the body to absorb nutrients correctly which could easily result in fatigue and possible general sickness until the issue is resolved. If it is suspected that this might be your problem then Betaine HCL is an ideal supplement to handle the job; as the introduction of more HCL into the system should be enough to keep the digestive tract in working order once more.

The presence of Homocysteine in the system, an acid which scientists believe may be linked to cases of poor cardiovascular health or other kinds of heart issues can be reduced by maintaining good levels of Betaine. In addition to this, the presence of Betaine helps promote the production of more Carnitine, which itself, is an acid that contributes to overall physical health by making the burning of fat much more energy efficient.

The serving size suggested for Betaine HCL is about 600mg to 1200mg taken either directly before or directly after any meals of the day. It is to be taken once a day, though these levels and the frequency can be adjusted depending on intended effect. For those that do not possess accurate measuring equipment, a measuring size of just a little over one eighth of a teaspoon should be enough to reach 600mg, while it takes about three eighths of a teaspoon to reach the 1200mg limit. Also, if taking as an oral solution, as mentioned before, it is best to wash the mouth out thoroughly before and afterwards to clear up any leftover acidity which may cause damage to the teeth. If any side effects such as chest or abdominal pain are felt after administering, discontinue your course immediately.

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