Beta Alanine 100% Pure Powder  - US Pharmaceutical Grade Pro Formulated

Beta Alanine 100% Pure Powder - US Pharmaceutical Grade Pro Formulated


As a precursor in the synthesis of L-carnosine, studies have demonstrated beta alanine significantly raises the level of carnosine in the blood. That increase may aid high-intensity physical activity. Beta alanine is the only naturally occurring beta amino acid in the human body, a constituent of both L-Carnosine and Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). Carnosine acts as a buffering agent and cushions muscle tissue from acidity, reducing levels of lactic acid in the body after exercise. Beta alanine supplementation can aid physical performance through an increased lactate threshold.

Why not just take carnosine instead of Beta Alanine? Carnosine is metabolized in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract into its constituent amino acids, beta alanine and histidine. Almost instantly, carnosine is either eliminated or broken down. These two amino acids are then brought into the muscle and reassembled back into carnosine through the enzyme carnosine synthetase. From both an efficiency and a financial standpoint, it makes sense to take beta alanine directly. Large amounts of carnosine would need to be taken in order to achieve the concentrations resulting from beta alanine supplementation.

Health Benefits of Beta Alanine Beta: Alanine may be beneficial in boosting endurance and physical performance during weight training and other strenuous exercise programs. Beta alanine boosts levels of carnosine in the blood. Carnosine is highly concentrated in muscle and brain tissue and is an important precursor for generating the vasodilator nitric oxide. Vasodilation is a widening of the blood vessels, allowing expanded and increased blood flow during exercise.

Purity and Concentration of Beta Alanine: This pharmaceutical-grade beta alanine powder contains no fillers or additives. Potential Side Effects of Beta Alanine Beta alanine taken in high servings can cause paraesthesia (a tingling sensation, most notably in the face and hands).

Suggested Use of Beta Alanine: The suggested serving size for beta alanine is 1 gram one to three times a day, depending on individual needs.

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